Monday, 12 December 2016


Jayden's room 17 writing

William's 5 Favorite parts of the year

These are my 5 favorite thing from this year

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Keelyn - This year in Room 17

Keelyn's Writing

Dylan's Year in Room 17

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River's This Year in Room 17

This Year in Room 17! By Brodi.

Brodi's Writing!
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Ali's - This year in room 17

- Ali's This Year In Room 17 Writing

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Katie's room 17 writing 2016.

Katie's room 17 writing 2016.

This Year in Room 17 by Scarlet

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This Year In Room 17 By Jackson

Welcome to Jackson's Writing of This Year in Room 17 

Pawans This year in Room 17

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IN room 17 this year by DJ

What I enjoyed in Room 17 This Year (From Zoe Greenwood)

My slides called: What I enjoyed in Room 17 This Year!!!

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Amy's Room 17 this year

This is my slide about how great Room 17 were.

Delilah's Room 17 Writing!

This is My Writing About Room 17!

Room 17 Writing!

This Year In Room 17 By Brodi

Brodi's Writing

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mathletes of Week 9, Term 4, and the Year

Mathletes Week 9 
1st: Josh with 7,733 points
2nd: Ngawini with 4,300 points
3rd: Aaliyah with 3,834 points
4th: Amy with 2,500 points
5th: Travis 2,465 points

Mathletes Term 4
1st; Josh with 67,349 points
2nd Travis with 28,812 points
3rd Katie with 23,357 points

Mathletes of the Year 
1st: Josh with 309,242 points (3rd in the entire school)
2nd: TJ with 111,087 points
3rd: Leon with 102,183 points
4th River with 96,477 points
5th: Jaime with 85,084 points

Room 17 had the most points for 2016 in the school. Mathlete Champions for 2016! We earned a total of 1,617,170 together. WELL DONE!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Maraetai Beach - EOTC

Yesterday Room 16 and 17 went to Maraetai Beach for EOTC.

We took part in 4 activities. The activities were raft building, kayaking, BMX and Beach Education. IT was a fabulous day and we had heaps of fun learning in the outdoors.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mathletes Week 6

1st: Josh with 10,147 Points
2md: Jackson with 6,808 points
3rd: Kaizen with 4,038 points
4th: Ngawini with 2,725 points
5th: Leah with 2,072 points

Well done. 4 more weeks to go to see if you will be a top Mathlete for Reremoana School. Keep trying hard.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Samantha's show don't tell writing

Delilah's Show Don't Tell

Little Birdds Tales

Katie's Show Don't Tell.

Little Birds Tales

Embarrassed ~ Ali

Aaliyah's show don't tell

Jackson's Show Don't Tell Writing

show don't tell by Travis hansen

this is my work

William's show don't tell

This is my show don't tell.
We did three stories and after that we chose our best one.
This is mine.

Brodi's Shoe Don't Tell Writing

Little Birds Tales

Keelyns Little Birds Tales

Little Birds Tales

Scarlet's Show Don't Tell Writing

Kaizen's Show Don't Tell Writing

Little Birds Tales