Monday, 29 February 2016

My baby brother Owen!!

My baby brother Owen was born at December 2nd 2015                                Heres a photo of him!!

and heres him crying!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

House Day - Totara House

For celebration on Friday the school has a 'house' afternoon. Students meet in their houses to practise their chants, play games and participate in the house parade. Here are some photo of Totara House

Tui Team Homework Club

Tui Team Homework Club
To help our students become more responsible about completing homework tasks and remembering to bring homework to school on the due date, the Tui Team has implemented a Friday“Homework Club” during break times, for students who have not completed or who have forgotten their homework to get it done. Students are still able to eat and are not expected to spend the whole break time in the club. We have already found after two weeks that children are getting better at self management, and understanding the importance of completing tasks set for home.
 We know there are weeks when things come up and students are not able to get their homework done for one reason or another. Please either email your child’s classroom teacher or pop a note in their homework book explaining this, and that you would appreciate them being excused from homework club.

Tips to help your children become more independent about homework:
- Provide a break between getting home from school and starting their homework
- Set aside a certain time and place specifically for homework
- Let your child’s teacher know early on in the week if there are parts of the homework that are not clear for your child
- Your child will ALWAYS have homework, unless you receive notification otherwise.

Self Portraits

For our first art project this year, we created self portraits. We used the collage technique to create them.

First Mrs Slee took a photo of us and printed it out. Next we cut out our photo and glued it onto coloured paper to create a background. Then we collaged the t-shirt, neck and face. Finally we cut out eyes, nose and a mouth and glued it to our face. Can you guess who is who?

Room 17 Self Portraits on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


This term we have Counties Hockey in school teaching us hockey. We have 4 sessions with them. We have learned how to hold a stick, dribble the ball, trap the ball and tackle. We have played fun games to teach us skills. The games are call Hockey Bull Rush and Cops and Robbers. At the end of each session we play games to help us practise our skills. It has been heaps of fun but we need to remember to bring shoes to skill on Tuesday as getting hit with the ball hurts!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tui Addition and Subtraction Cross Grouping Term 1

Last year the Tui Team cross grouped for basic facts and saw great process. This term the Tui Team is trialling cross grouping for addition and subtraction, and basic facts.

Students will be split into ability groups. In order to determine students groups, we will pre test students. Once groups are formed, they will be fluid. For example if a student demonstrates competency at the stage they are working on, they will be moved to another group.

At the beginning of the year it is important that students feel comfortable and build their confidence. We know that cross grouping is a new experience for some students and will be speaking to students about everyone being on their own learning journey and the importance of being in a group where their needs are being met.

Please feel free to contact myself as the team leader if you have any questions or  your child’s class or mathematics teacher.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PB4L Celebrations

This week our PB4L focus is be respectful by following adults instructions. Well done to Tony and Delilah. They have both worked really hard on this, this week!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

River's Challenge

On Monday at school for art I was looking at magazines and I found a cake and Mrs Gregory challenged me to make it. I got home from school and told my mum Mrs Gregory told me to make a cake and she looked through the recipe and said it looks easy. I didn't have all of the mixture so I had to go to the dairy to buy some margarine, marshmallows, food colouring and eggs. When I made the cake I didn't have enough sugar and I put it in the bowl and the mixture tasted like puke so I had to put more normal sugar in. When I made the cake it was on the oven it went over and started burning. As I was making the icing I accidentally put too much food colouring in, instead of a drop I put in much more. It turned dark pink instead of light pink. After I put on the marshmallows and and sprinkles on. By River

Monday, 15 February 2016

All about me iPad

Room 17 has been getting to know each other. One way we did this was by creating an all about me iPad. Students included information about their birthday, family and favourite things. Everyone put in a lot of effort. They look great on our wall. We would love you to come and see them! All about me iPads on PhotoPeach

Mr Worsop - Student Teacher

We have been very lucky to have Mr Worsop in our class for the past three weeks. Below is some information about him. Mr Worsop is back at Uni from next week but will be coming in about once a week before being back in Room 17 for seven weeks later on in the year.

Hi my name is Benjamin Arthur-Worsop. I'm in my final year of my study at the University of Auckland. I was born in Taranaki and moved to Auckland when I was starting primary school. I was Head Boy at Papakura Normal School and went on to finish high school at St. Peters' College in Epsom. Both my parents work in the education section working in private tertiary education. Their passion and the value they put on education was what drove me to become a primary school teacher.

Aside from teaching, my next biggest passion is sports and the outdoors. I'm an avid sportsman with a love for all sports. I love fishing and camping. I just really love being outside. In terms of education, my favourite area is Mathematics. I enjoy a good challenge and strive to be the best at everything I do.
I look forward to meeting all of you at some point.

Important Days to Remember

Library day - Wednesday - Remember to bring your book bag

Hockey - Tuesday - Please bring closed in sports shoes

Tui Sport - Thursday - Please bring closed in sports shoes

Remember to bring your hats everyday

Homework - Due on a Friday

Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome Room 17!

Meet Room 17 2016 What a lovely class Room 17 is! We have been busy getting to know each other this week through writing, art and ICT. We are very lucky to have Mrs Gregory in our class as a Teacher Aid and also Mr Worsop as a Student Teacher from the University of Auckland. I am looking forward to the coming week and the rest of the year!