Tuesday, 16 February 2016

River's Challenge

On Monday at school for art I was looking at magazines and I found a cake and Mrs Gregory challenged me to make it. I got home from school and told my mum Mrs Gregory told me to make a cake and she looked through the recipe and said it looks easy. I didn't have all of the mixture so I had to go to the dairy to buy some margarine, marshmallows, food colouring and eggs. When I made the cake I didn't have enough sugar and I put it in the bowl and the mixture tasted like puke so I had to put more normal sugar in. When I made the cake it was on the oven it went over and started burning. As I was making the icing I accidentally put too much food colouring in, instead of a drop I put in much more. It turned dark pink instead of light pink. After I put on the marshmallows and and sprinkles on. By River


  1. I love the cake river it was so good!!! (yummy)

  2. I heard all about your cake River - it looks great and I enjoyed your piece about the process of making it. I have to admit to not baking very regularly - but I can tell you one thing - WE LOVE CAKE. I really enjoy reading Facebook updates by some of our famous NZ chefs - Chelsea Winter is a real fav of ours.