Monday, 11 April 2016

Brodi's Macy the Mouse Narrative

One glorious day when the sun was shining and not a cloud could be seen in the sky, Macy the mouse was sunbathing. The refreshing water lapped at her feet and she was tempted to go for a swim. Macy was a bit nervous about the going into the water as she had previously had a bad experience. It was getting so hot so Macy decided to take a risk and jumped in.

Macy was making a sand castle. It was so big,then she decided to make herself into a fabulous mermaid and at the same time she was digging a humongous  hole in the sand.  After everything was going to collect cool sea shells big,small,and medium ones. First she found a small one that looked like it had scales on it and the colour was bright orange and blue.

Suddenly when Macy was digging a hole she fell in it. A group of people came to where Macy was digging. These people sat down where Macy was. The people found the can and throw it in the water. Macy was sailing out to the glorious sea where she was no where to be found. Macy was very worried because she didn’t know how to get home safely.

Macy is so terrified she was thinking how to get back home. She had to think hard and quickly because is was getting close to dark time. Then there were lifeguards at the beach but the lifeguards did not see Macy. Macy was screaming for her life to get someone to notice her. She said “HELP ME I AM STUCK HERE” but no one was there anymore because it was night time.

Macy thought of an amazing idea her idea was to swim underwater and find dolphins to swim her back home.It took a little while to find dolphins but finally she found one. The colour of the dolphins were light blue Macy tapped the dolphin and pointed to the shore. Macy got home safely and quickly. Macy was not scared anymore so she was all save and sound.

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