Monday, 11 April 2016

Jacksons Narrative about Macy the Mouse

One glorious day when the sun was shining and not a cloud could be seen in the sky, Macy the mouse was sunbathing. The refreshing water lapped at her feet and she was tempted to go for a swim. Macy was a bit nervous about the going into the water as she had previously had a bad experience. It was getting so hot so Macy decided to take a risk and jumped in.

Macy was swimming over waves, well she was floating. Macy approached some people playing in the water. Macy decided to join in with all of the people playing water games. They were doing a diving competition.

Macy found a giant rock and tried climbed to the top. The rock was sharp and really tall. Suddenly Macy slipped off the rock and got her swimming tshirt stuck on one of the sharp rocks. Macy was scared. She was hanging from the top of the rock. One of the people Macy was playing with climbed up to where she was and helped her down. Macy was really happy that she won the diving competition.

Macy decided to go somewhere different. Macy was getting tired of swimming so she jumped into a can of spaghetti. The waves were getting taller and taller and Macy was getting more scared. Macy saw a boat beside her then she jumped in.

Macy nicely asked if they could take here back to the shore. So the driver turned around and drove her back to the shore so she could go back home after her beach day. Macy was going to make a hot chocolate.

When they got there Macy run all the way back to her little house. Macy was really happy that she was back home and sitting on the couch. Macy made hot chocolate for her whole mice family too. Then Macy’s mice family left her house then Macy decided to go to sleep.