Monday, 11 April 2016

Leon's Narrative about Macy the Mouse

go for a swim. Macy was a bit nervous about the going into th water as she had previously had a bad experience. It was getting so hot so Macy decided to take a risk and jump.

When Macy jumped in the water she started splashing in the water like if it was the most exciting thing she’s done in her life. She was exploring the refreshing blue water and she found a pearl in a clam. Then the corner of her eye caught the colourful bright corals surrounding her.

Suddenly she saw a lifeguard running in top speed then he jumped off into the water. A mouse was in trouble! Macy was so keen to find out what would happen. She was worried that the shark might eat the mouse. As he was about to get eaten by a shark the lifeguard saved him in the nick of time!

As she was gazing at the lifeguard a roaring wave crashed into her and she hit her head on a extensive smooth rock. She got knocked out but the lifeguard did not see her. She woke up in a tin can with a little umbrella in it. She thought someone must of drank from this tin can and threw it away. Poor Macy was starving and hurt. She was waiting for help...

She then was trying to sleep in the tin can struggling with the small space inside it but she managed to sleep. Then a cruise came over and grabbed her, she was then taken back to shore still sleeping peacefully. As she woke up she thought everything was just a nightmare. She went back home with her things and sat around on the sofa watching a movie while eating popcorn. The movie was Zootopia she was then scratching her head from the huge rock she bashed her head on. She didn’t know the dream was real.

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