Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mathletes Week 11 and Term 1 Mathletes

Congratulations to the Week 11 Mathletes.

1st: Dylan N with 5686 points
2nd: Josh with 4990 points
3rd: Samantha with 4860 points
4th: William with 4460 points
5th: Aaliyah with 3480 points

And a bigger congratulations to the Term 1 Mathletes who earned the most points in Room 17 for Term 1

1st: Jaime with 35,255 points
2nd: Joshua with 35,135 points
3rd: Leon with 26,869 points
4th: Aaliyah with 23,461 points
5th: Jackson with 19,996 points

Continue doing Mathletics in the holidays to help your learning.


  1. I really like the term summary of Mathletics. It shows those who are consistently practicing :-). Well done Room 17

  2. Congratulations Aaliyah for making the Top 5 in Term 1 and congratulations to all your Mathlete Friends. Dad

  3. congratulations Leon , you are in the top 5 of mathletes. I am proud- well done son. Mum/Sophea