Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bully Free Week

This week is bully free week. We defined a bully as someone who continually does mean things to other people. We know that if it is a one off behaviour, it is unkind but not bullying.

We did a number of activities to reinforce kindness. One activity was a compliment circle. Each student had to give one compliment to someone else in the class. Another activity was a kindness game. Students had 12 challenges to complete over the week. The final activity was a friendship ingredients. We got this idea after watching Enemy Pie.   Here are some of our ingredients posters.


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  2. Great job fellow students! :D

  3. Well done Room 17, these are amazing!

    Mrs Gregory.

  4. These are very cool, I think I will share these with my class in Room 17 at Leabank School.

  5. The friendship posters looks really cool.

    From Kalush