Sunday, 1 May 2016

Delilah's Macy the mouse story.

One glorious day when the sun was shining and not a cloud could be seen in the sky, Macy the mouse was sunbathing. The refreshing water lapped at her feet and she was tempted to go for a swim. Macy was a bit nervous about going into the water as she had previously had a bad experience. It was getting so hot so Macy decided to take a risk and jumped in.

She swam out to the distance and dived in deep. She started to swim with the fish and went on the dolphin's back. Macy was surprised with how many fish there were under the water. Macy liked being underwater with the fish. She never knew that, the coral and the shells underwater were so beautiful. Macy thought that she was in heaven!!

But suddenly, a big wave was heading her way. Macy was trying to paddle, but her legs were too small. She found a tin and jumped in. She tried to avoid it, but it was too late… The wave hit her. All of a sudden, Macy started to drift out to sea. “ AHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She shrieked. Macy was scared, horrified, afraid, shaken, and anxious. She was holding on for dear life. Macy was not in heaven anymore.

As she tried to paddle back to shore, she drifted out more. She saw the buoys floating in the distance. Macy jumped and grabbed onto the buoys. Macy was waiting there to be picked up by a boat or something that would come by. Macy was worried that she would not survive. Poor Macy was shivering, cold and wet. Until, a boat came.

The passengers on the boat saw Macy. They gently picked her up and took her back to the shore. As Macy was heading back, she thought to herself that she would never go in the water again.When Macy approached, the scorching sand burnt her feet as she walked along the beach. Macy started to pack up her things. Once she had packed up all her things, she went back home. She had a rest and sat by the fire place with the heat brushing against her face and she was drinking a hot Milo. Macy was now in heaven again.

- By Delilah :-)

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  1. Nice story Delilah! Love the way you write.

    - Minnie