Monday, 2 May 2016

Rivers Car in the Pool Writing

Rivers Car in the Pool Writing
Wednesday 15th March 2016
WALT: structure a narrative

One windy night I was walking up the stairs to my bed. As I was walking all I heard was a massive bang. So I ran downstairs to make sure mum and were ok. All I saw was car in the pool.

After I saw the car in the pool I saw Jaime running down the street to her house. There was a car driving down the street I stuttered with frightness. I went outside to investigate more. All I saw was the car sinking.

I demanded  the police to see if they could help find out what happened. Also to know how they crashed into the pool. After ten minutes the police came and said “they were speeding.”

After I called the police my family went to  bed bed. In the morning  I woke up and went to the pool and there was no car. I saw it at the bottom of the pool. I decide to call the scuba diving crew to get the car out of the pool.

Soon the scuba diving crew came and said “ we will have to call another crew.” It looks really heavy. The next crew came and they all hopped into the pool, after ten minutes the crew got the car out and took it to the car fixers to fix the car. When the car was fixed.
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