Thursday, 16 June 2016

Brush your teeth!
Ouch mum my teeth hurt well you should brush every day! Well that's true you have to brush our teeth! so you can get an amazing smile, so you don't get sore teeth and no bad breath.

Firstly if you want amazing teeth that requires brushing your teeth and if you don't then you will never get that perfect smile that you want. If you have gross black teeth then know no one will like your smile.If i had gross black i would not smile at all (^o^).so brush your teeth!

Also i hate sore teeth don't you? If you don't brush your teeth will get really sore. Sore teeth is never a good sing it can lead to rotten teeth getting filling and decay. So brush our teeth every day! I’m sure all of you don't want rotten teeth do you?

Plus if you don't brush your teeth then you’ll get bad breath yuck! imagine if you had bad breath and no one sat with you and called you bad breath! No  one likes bad breath so brush your teeth!

So in conclusion we need good teeth, so brush your teeth so you don't get rotten teeth and fillings so brush your teeth!
By Jaime

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