Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Collaboration Stations with Room 10

Mrs Slee and Miss Pulman thought it would be a great idea for our two classes to collaborate on creating a Keynote presentation.

Room 17 were the tech experts and showed Room 10 how to create a presentation using a Keynote. This involved learning how to:
- find the right icon
- create a text box
- write text
- bold, enlarge and change text colour
- search for a picture to support the sound ( long e sound - e, ee, ea)
- copy and paste a picture into Keynote
- highlight the long ee sound in the word

After Room 17 students taught Room 10, they had to see if they had actually taught Room 10 students how to make the slide. The test was seeing if Room 10 students could make the slide by themselves. Most were successful.

We had fun teaching our buddies and look forward to the next opportunity.

Here are some examples of the Keynote work

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