Thursday, 16 June 2016


Hey have you ever dreamed of having crystal white teeth?
Well these are my reasons why you should brush your teeth,
Your teeth will get a tartar build up,Your teeth will decay,and really
Expensive dental work will be needed.
Firstly, your teeth will get darker.This means your teeth are dying.
You could simply avoid this by brushing your teeth.This is  a
Possibility of a tartar build up. Tartar is something white belive me
It dosen’t make your teeth white At all .Tartar has lots of bacteria in it.

My Second Reason, is that if you decide not to brush your teeth. Your teeth may start rot, and go black and this is no joke. It hurts
A lot  even though I haven’t experienced. This is a stage when the
Bacteria starts to eat your teeth. This is your teeth decaying.

Finally, the only thing that can help you is. Painful dental work. This is really expensive, well not for kids under the age of thirteen.
If your teeth hurt a lot they will have to perform a very painful treatment. To start of a nurse will put something like gel but on
Your gum. This is the something that will make you fle nothing then
The nurse will give your gum an injection. This won’t hurt at all because of the gel and then the doctor will pull out your tooth.

These are my reasons why you should brush your teeth!! Enjoy crystal white teeth.                                            By Pawan Reddy,

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