Thursday, 16 June 2016

“Scub scub scub” Mmmmmmmm this toothpaste tastes delicious. Do you what to have the perfect smile? Well if you do, than you should brush your teeth because, you may have sore teeth, bad breath or dead teeth.

My first reason is about having sore teeth. Sometimes you shout to you mum this. MUM MY TEETH ARE SORE. And she says you should have brushed your teeth, and she right. If you brush your teeth than maybe they won’t hurt and you're doing the right thing. Here’s if you don’t brush your teeth you might have tada, and that is the white stuff that comes off your teeth and tongue.

Secondly, I am talking about bad breath. Do you ever want to get married. Well if you do you need to use toothpaste that is minty or your breath will still stink . So you should brush your teeth.

My last reason is about dead teeth. If you have dead teeth, then your teeth will will turn black and stay like that forever Also if they are dead then they may fall out, and that would just look ugly. It is expensive to go to the Dentist.

In conclusion, I think you should brush your teeth because, they will become dead, you will have bad breath, and you could have sore teeth.


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