Thursday, 16 June 2016

You should brush your teeth Amy

I love those white clean teeth, I wish I’d have those teeth, don’t you? I think you should brush your teeth. Since if you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will get rotten, fillings and decay, everybody hates smelly breath, that is what will happen to you if you don’t brush your teeth, and if you got rotten teeth it will be expensive to fix it.

The first reason why I think YOU should brush your teeth is because who would want their teeth to be rotten. It must be hurt when you have rotten teeth. Don’t brush your teeth isn’t a good idea, sometimes instead having rotten your teeth will get fillings and decay and you’ll have bad breath.

Secondly, eww, did I just smelled somebody’s breath, that person must haven’t brush it teeth I can tell it straight away. I’ll just step 1 more meter away from this person. Bad breath will definitely make people stepping away from you. I am sure you don’t want it.

Finally if you do have rotten teeth and bad breath, you’ll definitely want to fix it…. “ how much will it cost to fix my teeth?” “About 100,00 dollar.” OMG! To get my teeth fix it cost about 100,00 dollar. I should listen to my mum  when I was little, if I did I don’t need to fix my teeth now, mmmm. @_ @.

Do you want rotten teeth, fillings and decay and bad breath, if you don’t listen to your guardian and go brush your teeth without people require you to do it. BRUSH YOUR TEETH and abolish fillings and decay.


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