Sunday, 31 July 2016


At the end of last term and the start of this term we focused on writing Pepeha. We presented our Pepeha by creating a Maori boarder using pastel. We shared our Pepeha with the class today for oral language. Come and see how they look on our wall.

Cross Country Results 2016

Here are the students from Room 17 who finished in the top 10. Well done to everyone who tried their best!

Yr 5 Boys 
4th: Jackson
5th: Leon 
6th: Josh
8th: Dylan 

Yr 5 Girls 
1st: Jaime 
2nd Keelyn 
5th: Katie
Yr 6 Boys
3rd Sam
7th: Travis

Yr 6 Girls
4th: River
8th: Ngawini

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Mathletes Week 1 Term 3

1st: Josh with 15,171 points
2nd: Kayne with 4,764 points
3rd: Brodi with 3,591 points
4th: River with 2,488 points
5th: Samantha with 2,300 points

Well done to this weeks Mathletes. Remember the minimum target for term 3 is 1,000 points!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Cross Country - This Friday

The annual School Cross country is this Friday. All students wear school uniform on Friday but they are encouraged to bring sports clothes, in their house colours, to run in. They will have time during lunch to change. Cross Country starts just after 1pm. We hope to see lots of families there. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Fractured Fairtales

At the end of Term 2 Rooms 17 and 18 joined together to create Fractured Fairy Tales. Students had to write a script, make props and then collaborate to act out their fairy tale.

Here are the videos of some of our performances

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mathletes Week 10 and for Term 2

Congratulations to this weeks Mathletes

1st: TJ with 7,847 points
2nd: Josh with 6,340 points
3rd: River with 4,200 points
4th: Jaime with 3,020 points
5th: Travis with 2,779 points

Term 2 overall Mathletes

1st: Josh with 90,157 points
2nd: TJ with 42,751 points
3rd: Leon with 38,939 points
4th: Kaizen with 23,469 points
5th: Jaime with 22,274 points

Well done. Everyone aim for at least 18,000 points next term as it is a 9 week term so we can win the class competition and beat Room 7!

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Last week we started our Measurement unit. We made poster to help us remember conversions between lengths. Here are our posters. 

We also played a game to help us: 

Reremoana Mathlete of the Term

On Friday Josh was awarded a trophy for Mathlete of the term. He earned the most Mathletic points in the entire school. Well done Josh. Keep up the great work. I challenge you to be one of the top Mathletics students next term

Room 17 got 2nd place in the Mathletics class competition. Well done. This is a great achievement! Work hard to get the top class next term.