Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mathletes Week 10 and for Term 2

Congratulations to this weeks Mathletes

1st: TJ with 7,847 points
2nd: Josh with 6,340 points
3rd: River with 4,200 points
4th: Jaime with 3,020 points
5th: Travis with 2,779 points

Term 2 overall Mathletes

1st: Josh with 90,157 points
2nd: TJ with 42,751 points
3rd: Leon with 38,939 points
4th: Kaizen with 23,469 points
5th: Jaime with 22,274 points

Well done. Everyone aim for at least 18,000 points next term as it is a 9 week term so we can win the class competition and beat Room 7!


  1. Well done TJ.I new you would get there if you keeped at it.

  2. nice work at the Mathletes
    good job Jaime with getting first in one week