Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Favorite writing I've done this year

The Frog Life Cycle - Zoe

The frog life cycle is really extraordinary with it’s 5 ways to grow. It starts from an egg and turns into a frog. A frog is an amphibian not an animal or fish. It is pretty eggcellent.

The First stage is the eggs. A female frog lays 4,000 eggs at the same time. If the egg dies it turns white. The egg will hatch 6-21 days. The eggs are yellow. The eggs are lays by ponds.  The eggs are covered with water.  If they are not in a wet space they will dry up and die.

The Second stage is the Tadpoles. After they hatch they eat the yolk from the egg.  They start to swim in water and they feed on plants like algae. Breathes by its gills.

The next stage is the eggsactly nearly the same as tadpoles but it is tadpoles with legs. Tadpoles with legs skin grows over the gills and the lungs start breathing air. Tadpoles with legs starts to grow a long tail. Then starts to jump rock to rock.

The Next eggciting stage is the froglet. Froglets looks like a fish but with legs and with feathery gills on each side of it’s head. When the froglets tail grows back into it’s body. The froglet will stay in or near the water.

Lastly stage of the cycle is the frog. The frog is an adult frog that eats insects, snails. Frogs belong to a group called vertebrates. The frog lives close to the water for the rest of their lives. Then a female frog lays eggs and the cycle goes on forever.  

The reason why this writing is my favorite because the puns. I work so hard of searching of the frog life cycle too.

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