Thursday, 22 September 2016

SAM task 4

River`s Novel Study

River`s Novel Study

Josh's Novel Study

Keelyn Novel study

Tony's book study

Samantha's Novel Study

Kayne's novel study

Katie Novel Study.

DJ book study

Josh's Novel Study

Leah's Novel Study

TJ Novel study

Kaizen's Novel Study

Dylan's Novel Study

Jackson's Novel Study

Ali's book study.

Zoe's Novel-Study

William's Novel Study

My Novel Study

Jayden's novel study

Pawan's Novel Study.

Delilah's Novel Study

Delilah's Novel Study

Travis' novel study

Leon's Novel Study

Brodi's Novel Study

Aaliyah's Novel Study

Mathletes for Term 3

Well done to the following Term 3 Mathletes. They have earned a phenomenal amount of points!

1st: Joshua with 116,402 points WOW!
2nd: River with 44,275 points
3rd: TJ with 38,000 points
4th: Travis with 33,642 points
5th: Sam with 28,605 points

Who will be on our list for Term 4?

Mathletes Week 9 Term 3

Well done to the following Mathletes for this week!

1st: Josh with 5,602 points
2nd: River with 4,600 points
3rd: Keelyn with 2,300 points
4th: Joseph with 1,663 points
5th: Jackson with 1,574 points

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Week 9 - No homework week

Due to having the Lion King production and 2 late nights at school, there will be no homework for Room 17 this week.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Year 5/6 Girls Soccer

On Tuesday the 6th, the Reremoana Soccer Year 5/6 girls went to the War Memorial Park. We went to compete against other schools in Manurewa.

All of us felt so excited and nervous. We had to go in cars   to get there. When we got there, we were ready to take on the Manurewa Schools.

There were 2 divisions. Division A and Division B. Division A won all their games and made it to the semi finals. Division A won their semi final and made it into the finals against Everglade School. They lost to Everglade School by a penalty shoot out.

Division B won 2 games and they made it into the semifinals against Rowendale. They didn’t make it to the finals but they came 4th place in Division B.

After the games we had prize giving. Overall, Division A came 2nd place in the tournament. Division B placed 4th.  

By Delilah & Brodi Room 17

Howick Historical Village

Howick Historical Village

On Friday the 9th of September the Tui team went to Howick Historical Village. We went to Howick Village to learn more about the olden days and what has changed. The activities we did were Spot the Difference, Helpful Herbs, School Lesson, Baking Scones, and the Tour.

One of the activities we did was Spot the Difference. Spot the Difference is when you split into different groups, and you have to go and find the things that don’t belong in the villages. They are the objects that belong in 2016 instead of the objects that belong in the 1850’s. Some of the items we needed to find where milk bottles, sunscreen, dishwashing liquid, plastic dolls, toothpaste tubes, etc.

In the Helpful Herbs activity we went into the garden of herbs. We chopped herbs that smelt nice, herbs that smelt disgusting but would probably make you feel better if you were sick and also herbs that would smell good enough to eat. When we got back to the table we drew pictures of the herbs we cut down and some information about them as well. After that we mixed and mashed them then one of the parents judged our herb mixtures.

In the School Lesson we went in and got to our desks and the teacher came around to check our fingernails and checked our hands. She asked us to guess what the capital city was in New Zealand surprisingly it was Auckland but that was in 1850. And we also got tout how the money worked then.

Another lesson was Baking Scones. Baking Scones was very fun because most of us got to put some ingredients in the bowl. A couple of ingredients we got to put in the bowl were, flour, lumpy milk, and baking soda. After the scone was cooked we got to share it with the class and eat it. The scone was very yummy. When we made the scones we learnt about where they had to put the milk and cold items because they didn’t have fridges. We also got to see how they cooked without an oven.

We had a great day at the Howick Historical Village and look forward to our next trip.

Written by River and William
Room 17

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Mathletes Week 7

Well done to the following people. Will they be on top at the end of the term.

1st: Josh with 22,150
2nd: Sam with 16,886
3rd: Travis with 14,191
4th: River with 5,834
5th: Kyrus with 5,550

Calendar Art

This term we have created Calendar Art. We used vivid and dye and used Maori and Pacifika patterns as inspiration. Calendar Art will go on sale at the start of term 4. Here is a preview of our art work.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Place Value Practise

Please use the following slides to help you practise your place value.

Stage 4 

Stage 5 

Stage 6 

Stage 7 

Please ask if you have any questions. 

Howick Trip - Final Information

- Be in class at 8.50 tomorrow morning ready to go 
- Wear school uniform (jumpers too. It's cold)
- Bring a packed morning tea, lunch and water bottle 
- Bring a rain jacket
- Wear closed in shoes (preferably sports shoes) 
- Take a pencil (they will be given a work book for the tour of the village) 
- Share a bag with a friend 

Monday, 5 September 2016

River's Little Birds Tales (How to Play Golden Child)

I have made a Little Birds Tale about How To Play Golden Child. cover image

By River Miln

River's Little Birds Tales (How to Play Golden Child)

I have made a Little Birds Tale about How To Play Golden Child.

By River Miln

Thursday, 1 September 2016

River's Why You Should Brush Your Teeth Writing (Little Birds Tales)

This week Room 17 was learning how to use Little Birds Tales to publish our writing.

By River Miln

Leah's Frog Life Cycle (Little Birds Tales)

This week room 17 was using Little Birds Tales to publish our writing this is what I came up with.

How bees make honey.

This is how bees make honey please enjoy!

Jackson's little bird tale

This week we made little bird tales. we added pictures, voice and words.
Hope you enjoy my little bird tale

Keanen's Little Bird Tale

This week we made a Little Bird Tale about the Life Cycle of a Frog. We added pictures, text and voice. Enjoy my writing.

Mathletes Week 6

Well done to this weeks Mathletes.

1st: Josh with 16,522 points
2nd: River with 11,503 points
3rd: TJ with 9,603 points
4th: Kaizen with 6,506 points
5th: Brodi with 3,721 points

Great effort this week!

Katie's frog life cycle.