Thursday, 27 October 2016

Field of Dreams Swimming

This term the Tui Team has been involved in the Field of Dreams swimming programme. We get picked up from school by the Field of Dreams bus at 9.00. It is great to see students remembering to bring their togs each week. I am looking forward to seeing the progress students make over the 8 sessions.

Mathletes Week 3

1st: Josh with 6,132 points
2nd: Leon with 5,860 points
3rd: Ngawini with 4,452 points
4th: River with 2,220 points
5th: Zoe with 2,100 points

Well done. We will need more points if we want to be the top class for the term!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Mathletes Week 2 Term 4

It was a close competition this week but Josh still did not let anyone beat him!

1st: Josh with 13,722 points
2nd: Katie with 12,857 points
3rd: Travis with 8,714 points
4th: River with 4,267 points
5th: Scarlet with 3,400 points

Keep up the great effort Room 17!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mathletes Week 1 Term 4

Well done to this weeks Mathletes.

1st: Josh with 7,503 points
2nd: Leon with 4,660 points
3rd: Pawan with 2,231 points
4th: Travis with 1,914 points
5th: Kaizen with 1,880 points

Keep trying hard. Will we be the top class this term?