Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mathletes of Week 9, Term 4, and the Year

Mathletes Week 9 
1st: Josh with 7,733 points
2nd: Ngawini with 4,300 points
3rd: Aaliyah with 3,834 points
4th: Amy with 2,500 points
5th: Travis 2,465 points

Mathletes Term 4
1st; Josh with 67,349 points
2nd Travis with 28,812 points
3rd Katie with 23,357 points

Mathletes of the Year 
1st: Josh with 309,242 points (3rd in the entire school)
2nd: TJ with 111,087 points
3rd: Leon with 102,183 points
4th River with 96,477 points
5th: Jaime with 85,084 points

Room 17 had the most points for 2016 in the school. Mathlete Champions for 2016! We earned a total of 1,617,170 together. WELL DONE!

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